Hello hopeful ones 💗 I am 28, my husband & I have been TTC for 4 years now & currently doing ICSI with 1 miscarriage. Some of your stories are truly amazing & it’s incredible how strong you are to do what your doing & going through. I have shocked myself by joining a community like this and sharing our story, as no one in our lives (apart from my sister) is aware of our journey. Part of our reason for telling no one is having less pressure, sure there is the pressure of ‘when are you going to have children’ but while going through all the medications, the injections & the emotional rollercoaster, for us it is better as just us. Our story is that we started our ICSI at the beginning of the year & had our egg collection in April, pre Covid-19 lockdown. We had 12 embryos which made it to day 5 & they were all frozen until the government gave the go ahead for clinics to resume treatment. Come July we had our first FET and it was successful. I went for a 6 week scan & was told the baby was not growing as she would like & the heartbeat is not strong but it could just be too early stages. At 8 weeks 5days I had a confirmed missed miscarriage & we were heartbroken. My husband was not allowed to attend any of our appointments/scans due to Covid-19. I had the medical management to miscarry at home. We are just coming out the other side & looking at ways to remain hopeful for our next FET 🤞🏼 any tips & tricks you have, or how you managed to get through the tough times I would love to hear! Sending lots of positivity & baby dust to you all ✨✨✨

Posted by Deleted (53593009) at 2020-09-05 11:45:37 UTC