Hello lovelies I have joined this community to get support from other strong people going through this journey. I am starting to feel that I am loosing hope. I am 34, my partner and I started TTC in 2019, We fell pregnant quickly but miscarried at 6 weeks. I have had trouble falling pregnant since. In early 2020 we started to pursue IVF but it was delayed due to covid. I have had a stimulated cycle with a successful egg retrieval but had fresh cycle cancelled due to thin endometrial lining. I did a medicated cycle to try and improve my lining but it was unsuccessful. I am currently waiting to start my next cycle using FSH injections to try and improve lining for transfer. However my FS is unsure what to do next if this medication does not work and said that I might never be able to get pregnant if my lining doesn’t improve. There is a possibility I have a Asherman syndrome related to previous surgeries on my uterus. I’m trying hard not to but I can’t stop focusing on the negative (never having a baby) it’s like I can’t hear any of the positive things he said.  Looking forward to positive thinking an inspiration from you all Bayley 💛

Posted by Bayley at 2020-09-07 22:43:39 UTC