Yes, you want a break but you're too scared, right? . It's super scary to even think about taking a break, the clock is ticking and you're desperate not to waste a cycle, that egg or to not miss your chance. . However, if you're at a point when something needs to change, you're at breaking point or you feel like you've completely lost yourself - perhaps it's time to consider a small window of time where you put YOU first. . You and your emotions You and your relationships You and your hobbies (remember those!) You and your passions You and your hopes and dreams . You never know - the break could refresh you, provide new perspectives and answers, open new doors or just help you be able to face the next stage. . You're not giving up, far from it. You're truly committing to being in this til you find your way out but importantly you're giving yourself the stamina to keep going by taking a break. . So I know it's scary but sometimes you need to give to yourself first, to reconnect with your dreams on a deep level and come back out fighting even stronger. . And remember a break can mean any number of things - a weekend away, a mental shift to focusing on life outside infertility, a break from charting, a cycle break in IVF. Whatever it means for you, know it's ok to do this. . If your instinct is screaming at you for a break, lean in and listen. It might be just what you need! #takingabreak #mindset #inspiration

Posted by Karenna - YourFertilityToolbox at 2020-10-29 10:34:10 UTC