We've started our 4th round of IVF. It also coincides with receiving the genomic results from our unsuccessful third round. A chromosomal abnormality was confirmed as the reason for our unviable pregnancy. We have been referred to genetic counselling given the history of 4 miscarriages. We also found out that we were pregnant with a girl. It sounds irrational but I felt like I was pregnant with a girl. I've never been more attracted to soft pinks and florals like I have since the pregnancy. Some big things are happening this cycle. We have decided to go forward with the genetic counselling as a means to find more answers or at the very least have more data to work with. We're both scientists and this is what we are accustomed to working with. Perhaps it was the break from the IVF cycles but I am so much more aware of how much the IVF medication takes it out from me. I am so tired after work that I've not made it into the gym as often as I had hoped. I have opted to go for walks instead. Bullet journalling is working so far to keep track of everything IVF and everything else in my life like work, leisure, me time, all the regular stuff. It's also keeping me sane as I am able to process things with much more ease. If I forget anything, (which happens due to this brain fog I get), I have a ready reference guide with me.

Posted by Deleted (f7c777b4) at 2020-11-04 13:56:47 UTC