I need to vent somewhere. For context, I work in a school. I'm a teacher. Two of my colleagues were asked to bring their babies into a Childcare class for students to interact with babies. Not a big deal except they are both friends and know a fair amount of the IVF journey I've been on and that their babies are the embodiment of my losses. One is born on a due date and the other baby born on the day we were told that our pregnancy would not progress to parenthood. They also thought it would be okay to bring their babies into my department office for catch up and cuddles despite having been told very bluntly that the workplace is one of the few places where I do not have to deal with infertility, babies, or IVF. It's also a busy time of year with reports, assessment, following up on kids acting out, frustrated parents, and, oh, teaching. They also knew that I would be in the office to work and to do a lot of work. I wore noise cancelling headphones as usual anyhow. All this aside, I am angry with them. There was no consideration from them that it's a workplace. There are so many new people in the team now that there was a clear division between the older member of the team and the newer members. And secondly, I was not okay. I was almost pushed to breaking point when one of the babies let out a loud angry cry of tiredness. I left the office and went out for fresh air and to get away fast. I was feeling guilty for being angry but I'm not now. I will say something to my line manager next week. She knows something is up and I wasn't ready to talk last week. Both of them haven't spoken to me since. I doubt they will ever apologise and that's if they realise what they've done. I am done with being around people who don't listen to what I need because I was very clear when they said they were coming in. I also need to find more real life supportive people in my life who understand infertility after this week.

Posted by Deleted (f7c777b4) at 2020-11-28 00:44:52 UTC