Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself for those who may not know me. I'm Karenna, fertility coach and passionate advocate for more emotional support during infertility. Even though I've been doing this for over 10 years now, I'm still in disbelief that women are going through this hell alone and it's my mission to change that. That's what the Toolbox is all about - a place you can come to meet a positive and inspiring community of women in the same place as you + learn about ways you can improve your emotional health and be supported to do so. I hope you love the Toolbox - it's really packed with so much goodness for you. For free members, there are some great tools to try in the Toolbox under 'Intro & Free Resources' and for VIP members - you now have access to a whole world of support from me and tools at your fingertips! To join as a VIP, simply click any premium folder in the Toolbox. Here's me with my messy, windswept hair on our recent holiday - no filter. This is a place for getting real!! Sending much love and please message me if you'd like any more info or direct support (VIP members) xx

Posted by Karenna - YourFertilityToolbox at 2021-01-09 08:54:48 UTC