Hey ladies, hope you're all doing ok. Feeling a bit low after a bit of a knock back today. I've been in the middle of downregulating and have just had my FET cycle cancelled due to my lining not being thick enough (despite having my dosage of oestrogen being upped for an extra week). We are now switching to a natural FET cycle as the clinic think my body works better producing oestrogen naturally without the interference of medication. In one way I'm happy the clinic are finding out more and more things / issues that they can act on and rather than rush a transfer, they want to try something else. But on the other hand, I'm feeling sad. Sad that my body isn't working and not responding to things. How can my body not respond to something that it's essentially getting help with?! I'm also now just dreading the wait around until my next period and hoping my body pulls its socks up when it goes au naturel! Talk about a rollercoaster though. I feel like I've been doing so well mentally and want to keep up the good work but now the negative niggles have kicked back in and it's hard to remain positive. Sorry that's a long update. Any positive tips on what I should be focusing over the next few weeks would be super helpful? xx

Posted by Deleted (12507125) at 2021-02-15 14:44:57 UTC