Feeing low! I finally did my test this morning 14dpt and unfortunately a big fat negative on my third cycle.! I think I knew this would be the outcome, I was just trying to hold onto hope and cling to tiny things to make me feel it had worked. Having two frozen day 5/6 embryos helps to move forward but right now today I’m going to indulge in some things I’ve not been allowed for so long, a nice bath, a glass of wine, just one day of things I enjoy for me! I’m sure I’ll cry, right now I just feel sick. I know this is all part of a long journey but I’m struggling right now with the feeling of a wasted 6 weeks of my life putting everything into that embryo working. This is the first time in our 3 cycles of ivf that we haven’t progressed further than the last, feels like we have stepped backwards. Cycle one, no fertilisation Cycle two, no success of 2 day 5 transfers, bled before test date. The frozen from that cycle worked and I miscarried. Cycle 3 failed fresh day 5 embryo, I do still have 2 day 5 in the freezer, which does still give me some optimism on our dream could come true. I’m struggling with where to go next, that’s how I usually deal with things, but this time I just genuinely can’t see what I could have done more, I meditated, acupuncture, ate healthy, rested, prepared for the cycle in advance, looked after me and the embryo was a good standard. The lining was thick! It’s still didn’t work. I may be a bit quiet for a few days, thank you for all your support on hereX

Posted by lisaw19821000 at 2021-02-27 07:41:39 UTC