Hi all. Had my second cycle cancelled yesterday after two weeks of stims as my follicles were not responding to any of the meds. They said they'll try again in April cycle and hit me hard. Hopefully that will work. I still triggered so we'll have a try ourselves as you never know eh! (There was one larger follicle but they weren't sure if it was a cyst or not). I'm not expecting any success though as I'm low reserve, low quality and my hubs has a low sperm count. It would be a miracle!! I was quite upset Monday at my first scan as it was not what anyone was expecting and was a shock. I'm glad they didn't go ahead with the cycle though in the circumstances. 😏 Just got to keep positive and work towards hopefully more success next go. It, as ever, a rollercoaster. I have a couple days off from work which were for EC but I'm keeping them for some me time. Love to all of you who are coping with what feels like never ending disappointment 💚 xxx

Posted by Abi Howe at 2021-02-27 10:47:29 UTC