Hello everyone 👋🏻 My husband actually found a video on YouTube (managing emotions) which led me to sign up and join this community. I don’t usually post on groups and try and avoid random ones/threads and blogs on the internet as they can be quite misleading with info. However I thought I would be brave and just post! Myself and my husband have been trying for a baby for over 6 years now and we were referred to IVF (eventually) early last year.. We have just recently found out (this Tuesday) that our first round of IVF was not successful (at home pregnancy test and then heavy period came Thursday) - which absolutely broke us. We were so adamant that it had worked and when we saw the negative test it felt horrendous. I’ve slowly started to feel a bit better (can’t shift the negative feelings that it’s not going to work) but this is my first day with no breaking down in tears - although there’s still time 😅 From when I was little I have always wanted to be a Mum and I truly believe that I was put here to be one (however that may look). I suppose my main issue I’m having right now is finding a balance of being positive but also realistic about our IVF journey! 🥴🤯 Does anybody have any advise? Also is anyone else from the UK? We seem to do things a little different to the USA from the posts I’ve read. Thank you in advance 🥰

Posted by Deleted (67b05e61) at 2021-03-06 15:10:44 UTC