Catching Up With and Old Friend ( a one min anecdote) Today I messaged my best friend from high school. Although we graduated from different high schools, we met in Belgium while exchange students in high school. So we have a lot of fun memories of bouncing around Europe together on a rail pass one summer when we were 17. Lots of laughs and lots of naps in old but beautiful train stations. She's had a tough couple of years moving through the end of her marriage and also through endometriosis that resulted in her ovaries having been removed. I know she miscarried once and I know that she would have loved to have become a mother. That is why, I know I cannot go to her for support while I am moving through this IVF process. We exchanged pleasantries and tired ciao's. We kept the conversation light and while I was happy to hear from her and she from me I know that she was unavailable to go "there" with me. To that subject. To that subject of "children." I suppose I'm lucky enough to know her story with the endometriosis so that I can accord her the space. I imagine not all of those details are shared in relationships and then misunderstanding and resentment begins and eventually takes a horrible toll on friendships and relationships. I have to love my friend from a safe distance and likely her from me and that is...simply where we are now. I am making no judgments about it and am not lamenting what could be or what should be. Thats probably what IVF (hell let's throw in Covid as well) has taught me most thus far. Blessings to you in your relationships and of course, baby dust to us all-

Posted by vanessa_hunt27 at 2021-03-13 23:39:56 UTC