Super excited to share with you a project I've been working on for a while - a new dedicated fertility directory!!! πŸ™Œ There are so many wonderful people out there working in the fertility sector, supporting people and doing amazing things and we wanted to showcase them. We also know that 'overwhelm' is huge so we're going to try bring everything together in one place. We have a strong focus on listing holistic and support services/events and all not-for-profits and support groups list here for free. We're also donating to several infertility and miscarriage charities with the proceeds too! Can you help? Obviously, as we're new, we don't have services and events in all areas - let me know in the comments any organisations you think should be here whether that be your clinic, acupuncturist or local support group or feel free to email me any thoughts or recommendations. Can't wait to hear what you think!!! #directory #sneakpeek #donations #recommendations

Posted by Karenna - YourFertilityToolbox at 2021-03-18 09:25:36 UTC