So I reached a point in the last few weeks where I felt I needed to take a big step. I have spent a lot of time and energy over the last year adjusting my nutrition and stress and getting everything as good as can be naturally... Controlling what I can control I guess. Last year we did 4 IUI's. My RE recommended laperoscopic surgery to finally diagnose the suspected Endometriosis. I wasn't ready then. The choices now are surgery or DUTCH test. I have been advocating for DUTCH for a while, but have opted for the surgery as I need something more immediate at this point. If it is turmoil in there then we know IVF is next. If it's not, then she cleans it up and DUTCH becomes an option again. I am so scared about the surgery as in my profession I spend a lot of time helping people avoid surgeries. It has taken time to reach this conclusion but it feels right. Hopefully will be getting my vaccine a few days before I go in, which would be wonderful too. I wanted to post this as I know you all appreciate how hard it is to make these decisions! Love to you all xxxx

Posted by Sarah Goodwin at 2021-03-21 05:47:23 UTC