So I've been quiet lately. It's been a horrible dark few months. I had expected difficulties in December particularly around Christmas but I wasn't prepared for ongoing months of crap. My December IVF cycle wasn't successful. Then in January and February, my body didn't react to the IVF meds as expected and both cycles were cancelled. Oh and a cancer scare in February after a pap smear. Thankfully all clear. We had a review with the fertility specialist and for the first time considered a donor embryo. Then in February I did become pregnant but this turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. I lodged a couple of complaints at work about a colleague and now a former friend ignoring my boundaries when it came to babies and pregnancies. For some reason she thought she was excused from it when I was adamantly clear about it in a staff meeting. They all asked what they could do to help. I asked that all pregnancy and baby talk to happen well away from me. Just this one thing. And then March happened with another IVF cycle with new medication. So far, this cycle hasn't been cancelled and officially a year into IVF. So this is where I am. I'm okay, better than I was a few months ago and with less toxic individuals in my life.

Posted by Deleted (f7c777b4) at 2021-04-05 00:14:10 UTC