And we're off...again! Round three injections start tomorrow, med change again, back to what I was on round 1 but dosage increased. Fingers crossed. I have spent the last few weeks ignoring infertility and just putting it in a box in the attic of my brain. 6 months of lockdown was finally breaking me and I couldn't cope with that and this. Thankfully we are now coming out of lockdown, we can have six people in the garden so over Easter we had our parents round and my sister and I was able to bake loads of cakes for everyone and really felt such a genuine happiness I've not felt in a while. This weekend outdoor restaurants are now open so I get to see some friends. I am hoping I can stay positive over the next couple of weeks, I can feel the apprehension starting to poke me. I imagine when I get to the scans the anxiety will be high but that's why I'm back here 😊 The ride is a lot less bumpy with you guys around xxx

Posted by Abi Howe at 2021-04-14 12:45:30 UTC