Hello lovely ladies, welcome to this beautiful, positive and inspiring space. This community is pretty different to other groups out there. We focus purely on WELLNESS - talking about how we feel, what can make us feel better and getting support in those hard times. I've been a fertility coach for over a decade and created the Toolbox to share with you all the tools and wisdom I've learned and created plus bring you amazing guest experts from the fertility and wellness space. I believe it's truly possible to feel better even now whilst going through infertility and I'm here to help you make those shifts. The tools in the Toolbox combined with my support are the recipe for wellness during infertility. Together we can do this!! Make sure you check out all the tools in the Toolbox, introduce yourself in the community, share your wins and let us know when you're feeling down. Come back regularly to get the most out of your membership. Please know I'm always here so comment on a post, message me or email me anytime - with support we can do this together!!! πŸ’—

Posted by Karenna - YourFertilityToolbox at 2021-04-15 07:23:10 UTC