Hi everyone! So I had my laperoscopic surgery on Tuesday last week which was a huge step for me. I'm starting work again tomorrow, the recovery has been harder than I expected. What was surprising was that they didn't find any Endometriosis. I am relieved, but it is also confusing as I have spent the last year accepting this diagnosis and now it's just not part of me anymore? If that makes any sense. They removed some cysts. It's weird as I almost wanted there to be a firm physical reason but now there isn't really. There is some signs of chronic inflammation of the lining so that we can treat. It's been a weird week... and has left many questions. And yet, we keep moving forwards! Xxxx It's infertility awareness week this week and I'm also thinking of sharing my story on social media. Not sure though. Lots of love to you all xxx

Posted by Sarah Goodwin at 2021-04-19 08:11:06 UTC