This is a vent of sorts. Our good embryo didn't take. I was supposed start IVF treatment tomorrow for the next cycle but a snap COVID-19 lockdown has been put in place so no new cycles are starting because IVF isn't considered essential medical services. My egg quality and numbers are trending up. My left ovary has started to actually do something. I am so frustrated and angry with the slowness of the vaccine rollout in Australia. All the medical experts are telling me I'm not sliding towards menopause but at 40, I find it hard to believe even though my bloods and hormone levels are monitored closely. I feel like I'm losing the race against time but I know I need to to take a breath. We also kickstarted the ball rolling on donor embryos and found that it's a 2-3 year wait or we could spend tens of thousands of dollars for an overseas egg donor service with no guarantee. The only good thing this weekend is actually opening up in a work group chat on how difficult things are in my private life regarding IVF and that, no I am not in a good headspace. The people least comfortable with it who are also the same people to not respect my boundaries left the group chat. I am not even sorry for their uncomfortableness. And the final thing, I wish Australia actually had a National Infertility Awareness Week instead of co-opting onto the week in USA.

Posted by Deleted (f7c777b4) at 2021-04-24 09:44:51 UTC