Hello everyone! WOW I can't believe I found this site by accident when just googling this is so fantastic! I have a situation and I am hoping I can get the opinions of the community given you will understand what I mean! I have to go to Greece for Donor Embroys, Have been there before and have some in storage. However due this is little thing call Covid, I have to go alone its a bit hard to get an exemption for my husband. Anyway long story short- I would have to be in hotel quarantine until day 16 after transfer. I have experienced many early Mc's before, and I am totally fearful of it happening again and being alone.... However I am 41, have wasted 18 months by not getting back to Greece earlier and I fear that I am wasting my time if I wait longer in the hope that hotel quarantine goes away (I am in Victoria) so yeah..... thoughts? Should I wait possibly another 9 months or just bite the bullet? Sorry for the long post I just can't seem to gather my thoughts on this 😌

Posted by Deleted (17be8715) at 2021-06-14 04:12:45 UTC