TW: Early Miscarriage Quick thing from the start - they would say this is a chemical pregnancy but I think any loss early on is a miscarriage. It’s a really and very painful loss and the “chemical pregnancy” term to me sort of discounts the pain and very real loss that it is to any woman who encounters it. I had an FET on June 6th - a day 6 6AA embryo. I didn’t get a light line until 6/7DPT which made me nervous and then didn’t progress quickly. Then got a nice line 9DPT on Wondfo and FRER tests. But then this morning I tested with first morning urine and nothing. 😕 I’m heartbroken but thankful to have three embryos left. They’re graded a day 6 4CC and two blast early day 6s. However, this one was a day 6 4BA when they froze it and it thawed and developed to a 6AA! So I have hope for these other little guys. I know they say don’t test but even in cases like this, personally, it feels like I got to say hi to my little babe and they gave me a quick little hug before they took off. It definitely does cause more anxiety maybe than if I didn’t test (idk tho - I’ve never not tested haha - gives me a false sense of control!).’s to next cycle. ♥️ Sticky baby dust to all of us.

Posted by RachelleMM at 2021-06-16 15:42:26 UTC