Hi there! My name is Annique and I'm new to Your Fertility Toolbox. I started TTC 3 years ago and just as soon as we started TTC I had issues with IBD. This threw off my cycle. I saw the specialist and rather than educate me about diet they tried to medicate me. This didn't work and subsequently, I started on the path of educating myself about diet and my cycle came back. For some reason, the #IBD flared up again but by the time I went to the hospital to have it investigated it had cleared up. The preparation I had to take for the procedure triggered it again and I lost my cycle. I had my #hormones levels checked at this point and my FSH was 70 because of my age at the time (40) they told me that I was in #menopause. The medication that the specialist gave me for my IBD triggered an allergic reaction and my IBD was a 100 times worse. It was like I was pushed off a cliff. When I told the specialist I was told to keep on taking it. I managed to for a few more days before I had to stop and a few days later I was in hospital having intravenous steroids. My whole body went into shock. When I came out of hospital I healed myself through diet, I lost a lot of hair 3 months later but my cycle never returned. I was in Sicily with my partners family for the first half of last year and I went to see a #gynaecologist, who said that I was ovulating but my body just wasn't menstruating and recommended that I should go to see a specialist. I did, the specialist did my hormones levels, saw that my #FSH was 70 and told me I was in menopause without looking at anything else. We came back to the UK and went to Create fertility in Wimbledon and my scan showed 3 follicles with a corpus luteum and my womb lining was 8.5mm. I was told to call them in a couple of weeks if I hadn't started my cycle. They also took my #AMH which was 0.4. This wasn't high but it was higher than some of my friends who have successful IVF treatments and 6 years later still weren't in menopause. So I was hopeful. They also did my FSH which was 20. I called them after 2 weeks as I still hadn't had my cycle and went in for a scan. It showed that I had one follicle and my womb lining was 5mm. They gave me medication to trigger my cycle. This made my ovaries go quiet so we had to abandon the cycle. I then went to the Womens Natural Health Clinic and the Dr told me that I wasn't in menopause as my estrogen levels were good and if I was in menopause they would be on the floor. He said that my ovaries were in shock. We have been trying to revive them ever since and I did have a follicle 7 weeks ago but not enough to go to IVF. He fears that it's too late and has diagnosed me with #POF. I'm nearly 43 and we've made the choice to start the process with donor eggs although I'm not giving up on my own eggs. I don't have any menopausal symptoms. I do have signs that my body is going through a cycle (changes in CM, skin, weight etc). I apologise for the long introduction. This is me. I'm pleased to be here and I look forward to talking to you. Ever hopeful me 😊

Posted by Fearless follicle at 2021-08-15 12:47:00 UTC