New Years Eve can bring mixed feelings - Looking back over the last year can bring up feelings of frustration, anger, regret, shame and just being downright miserable to still not be where you want to be. It's ok to feel those things! Get out your journal and write it all down. But don't stop there - start writing your hopes for 2022 for all areas of your life (work, relationships, social, hobbies, home etc). Allow yourself to dream and feel those emotions. Look back over what you've written and make a choice to start the new year with what you hope for, not what you don't. What you dream of, not fear. This is your power, the power to choose A new year, brings new hope Sending all my love, Karenna x

Posted by Karenna - YourFertilityToolbox at 2021-12-30 23:26:45 UTC