The power of friendship! This is Nell, she's my bestie - the one I turn to, laugh with, cry with and feel like my arm has been cut off if I don't see her for a week! We all have one or two of those key friends who are so crucial in life. Who's yours? What's so special about them? Today, turn your gratitude outwards to those special friends in your life that are always there for you - no matter what! Friendships can get tricky during infertility, but it's so important to find your tribe. Even if it's not your friends of old - amazing new friendships can blossom with a shared history of infertility. Reach out, show your gratitude and know you are supported and loved - even when some friends struggle to understand or express themselves well. #friends #dealingwithothers #friendships #relationships

Posted by Karenna - YourFertilityToolbox at 2022-01-07 02:45:58 UTC