🤯 Your monthly mindset moment! 🤯 Acceptance is probably the hardest thing during infertility. It's so unjust that this is happening to you, whilst others get pregnant easily The struggle is so hard, mentally & physically Accepting that this is your path to walk is hard, sometimes impossible BUT if you can work towards even a glimmer of acceptance, it can save a lot of energy 'fighting' where you are. Try this... --- - Start by taking some deep breaths and grounding yourself in the present moment - Ask yourself 'How can I be more accepting of my situation?' - Explore what comes up - Continue to ask yourself this regularly over a few days - Stay focused on this question. Don't go into the past or future - stay present - What do you need to help you do this? - Take action on any thoughts that come up e.g. chat to a friend about it, journal on it, stick an affirmation on your fridge - Seek support in your own circle or from a therapist - Feel the power of giving yourself back your full energy and focus --- Gradually this can tip the balance between those tricky emotions of anger, guilt, blame or jealousy to a calmer, more centred acceptance. But don't beat yourself up on the bad days - some days it just won't happen and that's ok! Check out your new Acceptance Affirmations in your toolbox #acceptance #affirmations

Posted by Karenna - YourFertilityToolbox at 2022-09-01 03:02:38 UTC