Hi everyone my name is Marian and I’m 41yrs old. I live in Perth, Western Australia. Hubby and I have been trying for 4years now. We’ve done 3 unsuccessful IVF’s, seen a naturopath, done acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. I’m currently seeing a kinesiologist as some friends have told me this has worked for them. I guess I’m open to trying anything in the hopes of falling pregnant. As hubby and I are getting older we feel time is of essence. I’ve been diagnosed with low AMH and one fertility specialist told me that my best chance of conceiving would be through Donor eggs. I haven’t given up hope on being able to conceive using my own eggs. Recently a girlfriend of mine who had been going through the TTC journey the same amount of time as us, told me she is pregnant however she did it In a way that completely lacked compassion or empathy. This greatly upset me however I’m trying to move past this for the sake of our “friendship”. I’ve felt family and friends haven’t been able to be as supportive as they don’t fully understand the devastation, despair and sadness of what I’m feeling which has led me in search of ladies who are going through similar emotions. I am looking forward to getting to know you all.

Posted by Deleted (a50c1604) at 2020-07-24 23:56:42 UTC