I was chatting with one of my coaching clients the other day about the trickiest part of infertility - finding acceptance within it. It's not about giving up at all! It's about finding peace RIGHT NOW. Acceptance is: - letting go of the stories you are telling yourself e.g. "It's never going to happen." - letting go of how you are thinking about yourself "It's my fault, I don't deserve a child." - accepting your current reality - finding peace and balance in the present - building self-compassion for yourself and for others It really is one of the hardest things to achieve - but even brief moments of it can bring you so much release and relief. Remember many of the things you are telling yourself are 'stories' about your fertility and you have the power to change those narratives! In your toolbox, we have some beautiful downloadable acceptance affirmations. Have a look and see if some of these resonate with you. DM me or post below if you can think of any others that would be helpful! #affirmations #affirmationcards #mind #mindset

Posted by Karenna - YourFertilityToolbox at 2023-04-20 02:46:00 UTC