🛠 Main Tools in your Toolbox 🛠 The Toolbox is named as such because it's like your toolbox at home - full of tools and things you might need to help you. You don't need all the tools, all the time. In fact, you may just always stick to using the one tool. But where to start?! In your 'Mind' folder, we have a great folder called 'Main Tools' which contains: - Affirmations & Milestone Cards - Meditations (our most popular tool!) - Workbooks and Journal Prompts - Quick self-help tools (you'll love these quick and easy tools!) - Mindfulness This is a great place to start and to return to often. Try out which tools work best for you or search if you need something specific. We also have another folder called 'Specific Tools' which has resources that are specific to situations like miscarriage and loss, pregnancy after infertility, faith and coping with the holidays. You're also welcome to message me directly or comment below if you need any support finding the right tools for you! #mindset #mind #tools #affirmations #meditations #workbooks #selfhelptools #mindfulness

Posted by Karenna - YourFertilityToolbox at 2023-05-26 02:25:02 UTC