This week's #mondaymotivation is a little different. I'm hoping to inspire you to help us inspire change and with 80% of toolbox members having suffered a miscarriage or loss at some point - we need to be part of this change One of our contributors, Pink Elephants, is campaigning for the Australian Census to include babies lost in early pregnancy. Can you support their cause by using the hashtag #countourbabies and subscribing with them to learn more about this important cause? "Counting miscarried babies in the census is not only about acknowledging the lives lost but also about ensuring that appropriate resources and support are provided to families who have experienced miscarriage. In 2016, Stillbirths were included in the Australian Census. Surely it's time to count our babies too. Babies lost prior to 20 weeks gestation are just as real and they deserve to be counted." #miscarriage #loss #babyloss

Posted by Karenna - YourFertilityToolbox at 2023-07-24 04:00:15 UTC